Nightdresses & Pyjamas

We know how tricky it can be to find that perfect balance between comfort and style when it comes to sleepwear but we try our very best to make it happen. We stock sleepwear styles to suit every age group, shape and size. Options available include both nightdresses and pyjamas. Our sleepwear range extends to bed jackets, brunch coats, dressing gowns, bed socks and even slippers. Whether you’re planning a cheeky weekend away or babysitting your grandchildren overnight, we have styles to suit everybody.

Stocking sleepwear brands such as Givoni, Schrank, Magnolia Lounge, Billy Dream, French Country, Yuu and Clementine Sleepwear, we are bound to have something you’ll love wearing! Sleepwear is available all year round in fabrics such as silk, satin, both fine and knitted cotton, flannelette, bamboo, modal and rayon. Worth mentioning is the Eaden sleepwear range; all fabric in this range incorporates the use of moisture-wicking technology designed specifically to draw moisture away from the body, allowing for a cool, comfortable and relaxed sleep, especially for those suffering from night sweats.